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»   View my NHL Expansion 2017 Picks {view link} via @TSNHockey

»   This is NOT was I was expecting from a trip to Huntsville, Alabama!! {view link}

»   One last shot of Movember - me and my little "mo-bro"! {view link}

»   Cleaned up!! #movember {view link}

»   Out for a birthday hot chocolate with this awesome girl!! Love ya! {view link}

»   All ready for snow! {view link}

»   bethelmusic's photo {view link}

»   Felt the intensity of the moment we are living in visiting this place today. Hard to believe a soldier… {view link}

»   Life is an Art: stolen from / still love watercolours
{view link}

»   Celebrate because Christ has truly set you free. #TodaysWord @JoelOsteen @VictoriaOsteen {view link}

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